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View Historical Inventory

In our Inventory System, users can look back in time to view and compare previous inventory data. The Historical Inventory feature helps you answer two questions: “what were my inventory levels on a certain date?” and “how does it compare to either today or another date?”

How Historical Inventory Works

Watch to see how the Historical Inventory feature works in our Inventory System.

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Detect Trends Before They Happen

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In order to detect trends, it is important for users to compare historical inventory data between certain dates. Luckily, our inventory system can quickly pull all the information necessary for you to make the strategic decisions based on your previous inventory usage.

Benefits of Using the Historical Inventory Feature

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Access the recorded Inventory level data from a specific date in history
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Compare Inventory data between two dates
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Generate configurable reports on historical Inventory data
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Match audits to the system data to confirm, or deny, the historical data

Generate Reports

The Historical Inventory feature enables users to create reports based on previously recorded history.  So, users can access inventory data from a chosen date and simply create reports!  Each report can include the inventory related fields such as Description, Cost, Location, Expiration Date, and Quantity. Once creating the report, simply print, email, or export the report for easy distribution.
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Show or Hide Inventory Items

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When a user chooses to compare Inventory levels between two dates, he or she will have the added option to “Hide No Variance Inventory” which will stop the variance between stock items from showing when it registers no difference between two dates.
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