Inventory System for Medical Supplies

A complete Inventory System to efficiently and accurately track medical supplies.

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Medical Supplies Inventory System

ASAP Systems’ Inventory System for the Medical Supply industry, empowers healthcare organizations to eliminate outdated and ineffective inventory tracking procedures,  and gain total control of their inventory counts.

Ensuring a Close Match Between Supply and Demand in a Time of Crisis

There is a worldwide shortage of critical medical supplies needed to fight the current pandemic, including ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE). In an effort to minimize the gap between the supply and demand, Medical Supply organizations need an efficient and extremely easy to use Barcode Software to determine available quantities and the projected needs for equipment.

3 Benefits of an Inventory System for Medical Supplies Companies

There is no time for human error when lives are on the line. Fulfilling medical supply company needs, our Inventory System combines absolute accuracy, ease of use, and speed. In order to tackle the complex demands of hospitals and clinics, our Barcode Inventory Tracking System provides unmatched barcoding and reporting functionalities that provide accurate information.

During a crisis, medical supply organizations do not have time to manually keep track of expiration dates. Our Inventory System enables medical supply organizations to scan inventory in bulk when it’s received and be alerted when anything is approaching expiration. Medical supply organizations can manage vendors, costs, and reorder supplies with a short shelf life efficiently.

Our Medical Supply Inventory System acts as a central hub for all your medical inventory activities. It allows you to instantly check stock quantities, know when to reorder supplies, track expenses, and always have the right amount of inventory on-hand.

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