Inventory System
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A complete Inventory System to track
medical supplies accurately and efficiently.
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Medical Supply Inventory System

Our Barcode Inventory System is here to serve the Medical Supply industry and all healthcare organizations. Our Inventory System allows users to eliminate outdated and ineffective inventory tracking procedures and gain total control of their inventory counts.

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“At the end of the day the reports tell us what we’ve used and when to order again. We can also see what supplies were used on past procedures so we can prepare for future cases.” Fernando Lebron, Technologist at South Florida Vascular Associates

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Ensuring a Close Match Between Supply and Demand in a Time of Crisis

There is a worldwide shortage of critical medical supplies needed to fight the current pandemic, including ventilators and personal protective equipment (PPE).

In an effort to minimize the gap between supply and demand, Medical Supply organizations need an efficient and very simple / easy-to-use Barcode Software to determine available quantities and the projected needs for equipment.

Enterprise Inventory System

Our Enterprise Inventory system allows large organizations to connect multiple warehouses into one centralized system. This way, Enterprise users can control every warehouse from one place while still retaining warehouse autonomy.

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inventory system medical supply image

Inventory Requestor Feature

Our best-in-class Inventory System includes an Inventory Requestor Feature that enables all users to browse and request the available inventory within their own company.

Any user can browse through available inventory items from different stations or locations, order required items, and after the administrator’s approval of the order, the requested inventory will be packed and shipped to the designated user from the central hub.

4 Benefits of an Inventory System for Medical Supply Companies

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Reducing Error
Fulfilling companies medical supply needs is our top priority; To tackle the complex demands of hospitals and clinics, our Inventory System provides unmatched barcoding and reporting functionalities that provide accurate information and details.
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Keep Track of Expiring Medical Supplies
During a crisis, medical supply organizations do not have time to manually keep track of expiration dates. Our Inventory System enables users to scan inventory in bulk when it’s received and be alerted whenever expiration approaches
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Lot Traceability
If certain medications get recalled by the FDA, they can immediately trace the entire lot using our “lot tracing” feature. Medical supply organizations can manage vendors, costs, and efficiently reorder supplies with a short shelf life
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Accurate Inventory Level Counts
Our Inventory System acts as a central hub for all your medical inventory activities. It allows users to instantly check stock quantities, know when to reorder supplies, track expenses, and always have the right amount of inventory on-hand.
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