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Accurately Manage Inventory Levels

Our Inventory Forecasting feature learns from your system’s historical data to deliver powerful insights and assist you when making important decisions regarding your inventory. Our Inventory System considers the received Inventory or consumed Inventory in previous months in order to present forecasted data, in a fully-configurable report.

What Makes Us Best in Class

Take advantage of the intuitive and analytical approach of our Inventory Forecast Feature. In an effort to save time and money, this feature increases productivity of the inventory replenishment process. Predict, estimate, and manage inventory data in just a few clicks. And with our Enterprise Solution, our system uses Artificial Intelligence to make decisions and help you work smarter, not harder.

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2 Types of Forecasting Methods

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  • Moving Average

See overall trends in a data set by using an average of any subset of numbers. The moving average is extremely useful for forecasting long-term trends and can be calculated for any period of time.

  • Straight-line with Factor

The Straight Line with Factor forecast method offers users the ability to have historical inventory data and trends analyzed to predict future growth or shrinkage.

Benefits of the Forecasting Feature

This feature can accurately manage inventory based on different time intervals as set by the system administrator.

Gain powerful insights on how much, when, and which inventory items should be replenished.

Create forecast reports based on both historical received Inventory and issued Inventory.

Watch & Learn

Learn about our Barcode-Based Inventory System’s Forecast Feature. Watch how our system can assist in enhancing the inventory replenishment process.

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Create Detailed Reports

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Our system allows users to generate an unlimited number of configurable reports for future inventory fluctuation based on historical receiving or consumption data.

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