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Inventory and Asset

Tracking for Chemicals

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Chemical Inventory and Asset Tracking System

Manage complex variables pertaining to drums of chemicals which are moved to and from internal storage locations and customer sites. Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution’s array of features helps to simplify the processes involved in meeting compliance criteria, such as inspection, cleaning, and refilling.

Chemical Inventory Best Practices

Chemical Inventory should always be rotated in order to lessen the possibility of chemical deterioration. Our Inventory System triggers alerts when each drum should be rotated, ensuring that no drum is overlooked or left un-rotated.

Chemicals should never be overstocked. Overstocking could lead to compound hazards. Our Inventory System alerts management if the chemical falls above the predetermined level. This alert prevents overstocking.

Some chemicals are incompatible and become highly dangerous when stored together. Our Inventory System provides the ability to set default stocking locations for the chemicals to make sure compatible chemicals are put into a specified location.

Having full knowledge of what chemicals are available on site is very important to ensure every chemical is used completely and within its expiration date. The Inventory System provides full reporting feature to keep an eye on everything.

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Stock to Asset

In the chemical industry, testing should always be present to test the toxicity of the chemicals on hand. What happens when chemists remove chemicals from the stock for testing purposes? The stock quantity will shift and no longer be accurate. The Stock to Asset Feature can be a great help converting those chemicals used for testing into assets. That way the numbers will be 100% accurate. Also, management can track how many chemicals are being used for testing.

Making the transition

With the use of paper records, there is an increased possibility of human error. Paper records can suffice for small scale laboratories. However, managing large facilities with hundreds of chemicals requires a different managerial approach. An Inventory System is the solution for such laboratories. It can track chemicals from receipt to disposal. An Inventory System can save time, resources, and provide accurate up to the minute data.

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Chemical Drum Inventory and Asset Tracking Features

Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses

Receive using PO’s and issue against SO’s

Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations

Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap

Set Up Automatic Reorder by Quantity

Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count

Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and Pick Lists

Barcode Labels and Catalogs

End to End Control and Accuracy

Our Inventory System provides knowledge of in-process usage and drum availability so you can focus on planning, production and shipments. With our powerful system you may also create your own durable barcode labels using the particular data your teams need to see. Data such as locations, batches, and serial or ID numbers associated with each drum.

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Here's How to Track and Audit Chemical Usage at a Glance.

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