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This Inventory System is the perfect solution for large organizations with multiple Sites such as warehouses or stockrooms that require their Inventory, Data, and User access be kept secure and invisible to those outside of each individual Site. This System solves the problem of purchasing multiple Standalone Systems, and spending additional money to integrate data at a later time.

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Take an in-depth look into how the Inventory Multi-Site Location works and discover:

  • The Goal of Inventory Multi-Site Location
  • Benefiting Organizations
  • Functions of the Inventory Multi-Site Location
  • The Organizational flow
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What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

All Personnel / Non-System Users
View Only Users
Concurrent Users
Administrative Users
Access to connect Shopping Cart
Generate Global Reports
Inventory Transactions
Create New Sites
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How the Inventory Multi-Site Location Works

  • An Organization assigns at least one Global Administrator for all the Sites
  • The chosen Global Administrator has access to all Inventory data, at every Site
  • The Global Administrator will then create a local Site Administrator
  • The local Site Administrator will then create all local Users
  • These Sites are not visible to each other, and have independent Data and Users
  • Each Site will have at least one local Site Administrator and several Concurrent Users
  • Everyone else who is not a Concurrent User or an Administrator will have their own access through the Inventory Shopping Cart that is connected to the relevant organizational Inventory

Different Interfaces for Different Users

Multi Site System

With the Multi Site Inventory Location, Users can purchase one database and use it across multiple independent Inventory Locations. It is a unified System for multiple Sites.

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Enterprise System

Users can consolidate, through API, an unlimited number of standalone Multi Site Systems into one central database with this Inventory Enterprise System. It is a unified interface for multiple accounts.

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    Functions of Global and Site Administrators

    Inventory System Multi-Site Image5
    Function 1: New Sites Creation

    Global and Site Administrators can easily create new Sites with just a few clicks.

    Function 2: Existing Sites Actions

    Global and Site Administrators can Deactivate, Copy, and Open Sites to edit the existing data collection fields.

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    Inventory System Multi-Site Image7
    Function 3: New Records Creation

    Global Administrators can add new records of the below items in one or multiple Sites:

    • Stock item, Category, UOM, Customer, Department, Location, Location Type, Address, Layout Configuration, Vendor, Dispose To 
    • Conduct Move, Receive and many other transactions 
    • Add new Users to one or multiple Sites
    Function 4: User Access Control

    Global Administrators can allow designated Users, who use the System and shop at the same time, access to different Inventory Sites through the “Multi-Site Shopping Cart” feature.

    Inventory System Multi-Site Image8

    Web App and Mobile App Transactions

    Inventory Location Web App

    Designated Users are provided full access to all functions of the Multi-Site Inventory Location including transactions such as: Receive, Move, Issue, Return, Dispose, Physical Inventory, and they can generate multiple types of reports.

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    Inventory Location Mobile App

    In addition to viewing Inventory details, Mobile Inventory Users can perform transactions such as: Receive, Move, Pack, and Ship.

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    Technologies We Serve

    Cloud-Based System

    The Cloud-Based System combines mobile barcode scanners, real-time reporting, and the ability to track Inventory items, Inventory Locations, anytime, anywhere.

    Inventory System Multi-Site Image11

    On-Premise Solution

    The On-Premise System fully operates in an offline mode and offers efficient and accurate Tracking of Inventory items via Barcodes.

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    The Inventory Multi-Site Location Top Benefits

    Inventory System Multi-Site Image13

    Organizations Benefiting From our Inventory Multi-Site Location

    • A Software Enterprise that has multiple departments, each one is considered a Site
    • A Worldwide Enterprise with multiple warehouses around the world
    • Governmental Offices
    • Pharmaceutical Enterprises
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