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Fire EMS Inventory

Asset Tracking System

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Firefighters Need Properly Functioning Tools at all Times

Tools and equipment are prone to unexpected breakdowns. Fire and EMS workers have extensive fieldwork operations where it is vital to have all equipment available and functioning properly. If not, hazards may lead to additional damages. In order to ensure that these kinds of situations won’t ever happen is by implementing ASAP Systems’ best in class Asset Tracking solution. These feature schedules frequent maintenance events on all equipment. Therefore, no asset/equipment will be left unmaintained and will be prepared for every emergency call

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What The Right Inventory System Can Do To Fire-EMS Departments

Fire, Rescue, and EMS Departments can adapt quickly to our user-friendly, easy to use Inventory and Asset Tracking System.

The most important aspect of Fire Hazard control is to have supplies and equipment ready-to-use at all times. Keeping track of equipment and knowing what is available is critical.

Our Inventory System will provide accurate tracking of medical supplies and equipment over multiple locations. Fire and EMS Departments can share the same master database.

By implementing our robust Asset Tracking, firefighters will not need to waste valuable time searching for misplaced equipment and supplies.

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Inventory Management App for Smart Devices

You have the ability to perform physical inventory counts using mobile barcode scanners, and scan out equipment and medical supplies to an ambulance or fire truck, ensuring that each vehicle is prepared for every emergency call.

How Fire and EMS Departments Can Save Time and Money

Fire and EMS Departments may overstock items, due to not knowing what is available on hand. Some inventory like oxygen tanks have expiration dates and should be used before the designated date. Both overstocking and non-use of expired materials can be a waste of money and space. Why not manage inventory and prevent having overstocked items that may become obsolete? Our robust Inventory System can track all inventory quantities and send notifications when levels of certain items are above the predetermined quantity level. This Inventory feature can save money and space!

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