Add Another Layer of Traceability
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Keep Receipts of all Inventory Transactions

Our Inventory System offers the ability for users to download e-receipts and print paper receipts in order to summarize or examine certain Inventory transactions.

Transactions that have Receipts

Administrators can activate printing receipts in the following five transactions:

  • Receive
  • Move 
  • Pick/Issue
  • Return
  • Dispose

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Fully-Configurable Receipts

Inventory System Transaction Receipts Image2
With this feature, users can modify how the receipts are formatted to fit their organizational needs. Feel free to fully configure how you want it to look.  Whether that is the need for signature lines, due dates, or even specific contract language, our transaction receipts can be fully modified.

Advantages of The Transaction Receipts

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Audit Trail
Print or download a detailed transaction record for Inventory Item(s)
Inventory System Transaction Receipts Icon2
Paper or E-Receipts
Easily accessible transaction records via printed paper or email
Inventory System Transaction Receipts Icon3
Enhanced Accountability
See when, where, and with whom Inventory transactions occurred
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