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Inventory Security Features for All Users

Our Best-In-Class Barcode Inventory System offers a base feature for enhanced User Security. With this feature, administrators or high-level users have the ability to grant all system users the necessary level of access for secure and effective inventory management. More specifically, the systems come with pre-built security so separate users can create security groups, designate functional roles, and enable restricted access.

Configurable Security Level

Our fully configurable system allows Administrators to create new and assign certain access levels such as Admin, Standard, Accounting, View-Only, and Reservation-Only to each user.

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Administrative Security Level Access

Inventory System User Security Image2

 In order to allow for greater control, the Admin level users are very important.  In our system, the Admin level users have the ability to view, add, edit, and delete from the default data fields.  In addition, the Admin can restrict other users from accessing and changing these fields.  They are also able to create up to 200 of their own fields in order to fit the organizational security needs.

Level Control Options

View-add-edit-delete records
Hide certain vendors
Show/Hide certain data

Restrict certain users to only conduct Receive transactions
Allow Admin level users to edit certain fields

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