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Streamline the Receive Inventory Process

Our Inventory System enables organizations to streamline the daily inventory receive process. With this feature, users can receive 4 different types of inventory and choose the location for each item effortlessly.

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Watch and learn what our Inventory System can do for you! See how easy it is to receive 4 different types of inventory within multiple pre-defined, or default locations.

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    Receive Inventory to a Predefined or Default Location

    Instead of having to manually enter the same location each time you receive inventory stock items, our Inventory Receive feature gives users the option to receive these items to a predefined or default location automatically. Some organizations like to keep a certain type of inventory in one location and others in another. Setting a default location can ensure that  the same inventory type gets received at your preferred location each time.
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    Receive Inventory Unit of Measure

    The Receive Inventory feature also allows users to easily receive inventory using many different types of units of measure such as quantity, volume, length, weigh. For example, users can receive different types such as asset sizes, spools of wire, chemical drums, or pallets.
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    UD Fields Receive Inventory Configurations

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    Admin Users have the option to add up to 3 configurable fields such as color or serial number, and 3 configurable date fields such as manufacturing date or QA date.

    Receive Four Types of Inventory

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    Standard Inventory
    Standard Inventory items are the most general form of items. It can be used for anything from pens/pencils to desks or chairs.
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    Batch-Lot Inventory
    Healthcare Facilities can receive Batch-Lot Inventory including medications and medical supplies to efficiently track the Batch/Lot Expiration dates.
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    Serial Number Inventory
    Solar Power companies can receive Serial Inventory for tracking solar panels with a unique number.
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    Serialized with Quantity
    Fabric companies can receive Serial with Quantity Inventory to receive each roll of fabric with a unique serial number and still have a quantity per roll that can be consumed by length.

    Receive Inventory from the Mobile App

    Easily receive Inventory from our Mobile App. As an Admin User, you can save time by pre-configuring our Mobile App to include routines such as default quantities. This would eliminate the need to enter the quantity each time an item is received.
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