Inventory Requestor Feature
Easy access to all your organization's available inventory.
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The Inventory Requestor Feature

This robust Inventory Requestor Feature is by far our most initiative and most thought-after feature within our Barcode Inventory System. It enables all staff and all pre-authorized non-system users to browse and request the available inventory within their own organization. Requestors can simply browse through available inventory items, request required items, and after approval by Managers or Administrators, their items will be packed and shipped to the requestor. Securing essentials has never been easier!

How Does the Inventory Requestor Feature Work - Video

Watch this video and learn how this powerful Inventory System feature gives users the ability to:

  • Clearly view all items available for purchase
  • Browse, request, and submit Inventory items needed
  • View status notifications
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What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

All Employee / Non System Users
View Only Users
Department Managers
Concurrent System Users
System Administrator
Inventory Request
Approval Cycle
Pack and Ship

4 Benefits of the Inventory Requestor Feature

The Inventory Requestor Feature is designed to be accessible for all designated employees. All employees can benefit from quick access to inventory and essentials needed to work effectively

Access to organizational inventory has never been easier. The Inventory Requestor Feature puts all the necessary inventory and essentials to work productively, right at your fingertips

The ability to browse and request all available inventory within an organization is the increased visibility that the Inventory Requestor Feature provides

The Inventory Requestor Feature enhances the inventory replenishment procedures and creates a more effective and productive inventory work environment

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    Inventory System Administrators

    The System Administrators are empowered to configure all aspects of the Inventory Requestor Feature. Configurations such as designating authorized requestors, assigning one or multi-level approval processes to approve Sales Order, view all active, inactive and deleted Users, and configure image size and home screen view.

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    Inventory System Users

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    The Inventory System users have access to all warehouse available stock and have the ability to pack and ship the Inventory items requested, after the administrator’s approval.

    Inventory System Requestors

    Requestors are pre-authorized users and non system users who are granted requestor access for the sole purpose of requesting items from the Inventory Requestor Feature. Requestors may save their inventory for use at a later time or they may flag items or categories. They also have unlimited access to view their order status or any prior orders. They may also reorder.

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    Inventory System View-Only Users

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    Inventory System View Only users are selected users that can only view all available inventory items.

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