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Reserve Tools, Equipment, and other Assets

Our Asset Reservation feature allows Asset Tracking system users the ability to see their organization’s available assets, reserve assets to be Checked-Out at a later date, and view a calendar of the entire organizations asset reservations.

Calendar View for Scheduling

Visually track equipment or tools that are reserved using our calendar view interface. The calendar lets you quickly view which assets are reserved in the future to better plan for the sharing of these “Work Assets”.
asset tracking reservation

Benefits of our Asset Reservation Feature

asset tracking reservation
See Calendar View
Choose between the monthly, daily, and agenda (list) viewing formats.
asset tracking reservation
Filter for Necessary Information
To see assets that are already reserved or checked out.
asset tracking reservation
Be Alerted
Enable Reservation Alerts for users to be notified via email or text.

“Reservation Only” User Access

asset tracking reservation
Our Asset Tracking System is designed to cater to all types of organizational personnel with varying security level access, from administrators to view-only users. Within those types, there is a “Reservation Only” access level for users who would like to reserve shared assets within the system. These users can login to the system and make reservations for available assets.

“My Work Assets” Shopping Cart

Authorized non-system users have access to the “My Work Assets” interface where they can view the list of assets assigned to them, reserve items for the future, and even request maintenance or disposal of assets.
asset tracking reservation

What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

All Employee / Non System Users
View Only Users
Department Managers
Concurrent System Users
System Administrator
Receive Reservation Alert
Reserve an Asset
Asset Reports
View History
Access the “My Work Assets” Interface

Reservation Alerts

asset tracking reservation
Users have the choice to enable or disable alert triggers specifically for those with reservations.

  • When? Before, after, or during the time of reservation.
  • How? Send by Email or Text
  • Who? Choose to send to either the person linked to the reserved Asset or the manager of that person linked to the reserved Asset.
  • What? Users can configure the Text or Email with: “Subject” and “Body”. Also, users can choose to include: Asset #, Model #, Asset Name, Serial #, Person Name, Location, Scheduled Date.

Watch & Learn

Watch this video to see how you can configure your own Reservation Alerts!

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Asset Reservation on Mobile App

asset tracking reservation
Instantly reserve assets for a date and time in the future with our Asset Tracking Mobile App.  Available for iOS and Android devices, the Mobile App allows for easy tracking in the palm of your hand. 
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