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Visualize your Available Inventory
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See your Inventory Items on a Blueprint or Floor Plan

Our Barcode-Based Inventory System provides the Inventory Layout Feature that enables the system users to quickly and easily visualize the physical location of their available Inventory items on a blueprint. This feature is designed for users to see a floorplan and search for where items are located within that floorplan. Once an Inventory item has been located, a simple click will let the user see all the details.

Benefits of our Blueprint Layout Feature

Watch our detailed video all about how you can use this Blueprint Layout Feature to gain more visibility over your Inventory items.

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Administrator Abilities

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  • Add the specific addresses of warehouses, buildings, factories, etc. 
  • Attach photos of the locations for better recognition 
  • Upload a floor plan, or blueprint, of each location 
  • Set security levels in order to control what certain users can see

User Abilities

  • See exact location of Inventory items on a floor map
  • Choose to view the map in either terrain or satellite view
  • Drag the Pegman onto the map to open street view
  • View total quantity of available Inventory items 
  • Filter the view by either site, building or floor view
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