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One Inventory Software for All Users

We take into account what many Inventory System providers do not. Our powerful Barcode Inventory Software is designed to cater to all Organizational Personnel. We divided all potential Users into five categories: Administrative Users, Concurrent Users, Inventory Mobile Users, All

Personnel /Non-System Users, View Only Users

Type 1: Administrative Inventory Software Users

Inventory Administrators are technical Users who have skills to configure the System, the Security Levels, and address the technical needs of the Organization.

inventory system users image
inventory system users image

The Abilities and Functions of Administrative Inventory Software Users

  • Configure 50+ Inventory System functions to match Organizational needs and requirements
  • Configure transaction settings
  • Control Orders
  • Create new sites
  • Set Security Levels for Users
  • Generate Global Inventory Reports on important departmental data 

Type 2: Concurrent Inventory Software Users

Our Barcode Inventory Tracking System is extremely User friendly and offers the day to day System Users the ability to easily navigate. Designated concurrent Users have the ability to access all aspects of Organizational inventory including receiving, moving, consuming, and all other designated functions of the System.

Inventory System Users Image3
Inventory System Users Image4

The Abilities and Functions of Concurrent Inventory Software Users

  • Conduct Inventory transactions
  • Create new Inventory records
  • Create and run pre-existing and self-made Reports
  • Configure personal view preference
  • View historical data

Type 3: Inventory Mobile Users

Users can download the Mobile Application which will provide them with the ability to conduct transactions using their Barcode scanners, cell phones, or tablets.

Inventory System Users Image5
Inventory System Users Image6

The Abilities and Functions of Inventory Mobile Users

  • View existing and add new Inventory items, locations, addresses, vendors, customer data, and access Dispose To files
  • Create and view Purchase and Sales Orders
  • Perform transactions such as Receive, Move, Pick, Stock the Asset, Return, Pack, Ship, and much more
  • Generate Reports based on Inventory items and current stock Inventory
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tracking system product image3

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    Type 4: All Personnel /Non-System Inventory Users

    Inventory System Users Image7

    Designed with something for everyone, each designated Inventory Software User in the organization can have individual interface access to the Inventory Requestor that is linked to their organization’s Inventory.

    The Abilities and Functions of All Personnel /Non-System Inventory Users

    • Browse & Request available Inventory items
    • Flag the desired Inventory Items
    • Modify Items in the Inventory Requestor Feature
    • Check Orders
    • Check the approval status of the submitted orders
    • Check orders that are approved and ready to be released to customers
    Inventory System Users Image8

    Type 5: View Only Inventory Software Users

    Inventory System Users Image9

    Designated View Only Users are empowered to view all order types and all Inventory transactions. Any User who is not a System User can be assigned as a View Only User or View Only Requestor.

    The Abilities and Functions of View Only Inventory Software Users and Requestors

    • View Only Users: they can view and run Reports, view History data, view and search Inventory on hand, and view the Library
    • View Only Requestors: they can navigate to the stock request and view Inventory items
    Inventory System Users Image10
    tracking system image 3
    tracking system product image3

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