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QR Code for Inventory System and Asset Tracking

QR Inventory System and Asset Tracking

Our QR code-based system helps businesses to be more efficient and streamline operations. With this feature, you can load a large amount of relevant information onto one QR code and print it out through our system.  

In fact, one QR code can hold almost hundreds of times as much information as the average barcode. With this feature, anyone can view the information you deem necessary to share by just pulling out their phones and scanning the code. 

Scan Third Party QR Code

Third-Party Access

Our QR code inventory management and asset tracking feature allows third-party individuals or organizations without access to our system to scan QR codes and access published information. All they need to do is scan the codes, and all the information embedded in them will be available. This makes integrating business operations with third-party warehouses, or other organizations easy and efficient.

However, anyone with a smart device like a phone or tablet has the ability to scan the QR code, so make sure you only publish the controlled information that is okay for anyone to view.

QR Codes vs. Barcodes: What’s the Difference?

Labeling Pallets Externally

QR Codes

  • Less Secure: Anyone with a smart device can view the information
  • More Information: QR codes can hold up to around 7000 characters 
  • Higher Damage Resistance: QR codes can work past a higher threshold of damage
  • More Combinations: By virtue of being 2D rather than 1D, there are far more QR code combinations
  • Static: Because the information is simply put into a QR code, it has to be manually updated if anything changes
  • More Accessible: Any smart device with a camera can read a QR code
Barcode for the Inventory QR Page


  • More secure: Only people with access to our system can view the information
  • Less Information: Our standard barcodes can only hold up to 128 characters
  • Lower Damage Resistance: Compared to QR codes, barcodes stop working very quickly when damaged
  • Less Combinations: Because our standard barcodes are only 1D they have far fewer combinations
  • Dynamic: Because barcodes link essentially link to a database, they automatically update information in the database changes
  • Less Accessible: Only dedicated scanners or smart devices with specialized applications can read barcodes

Configure QR Code Format

Configurable QR Codes

On top of storing more information, QR codes are more flexible than most barcode labels. Just like a standard barcode, you can configure your QR codes’ size, shape, or density so you can fit them on items that are more difficult to tag.

This means, if you’re able to find a legible density for the QR code, you can fit more information on smaller or larger items than you ever could with a traditional barcode. The only limitation in this regard is that the information will always be unclassified, rather than pulled from a database like barcodes. 

Easier to Scan Codes

Easier to Scan Codes

Another advantage of using QR code inventory management or asset tracking is that QR codes are easy to scan, thanks to their error tolerance. In most cases, QR codes can still be read even if damaged or not stuck on boxes flat.

This means you don’t have to constantly go back and reprint codes when they are damaged or stuck on to boxes incorrectly, ultimately speeding up operations. 

How our clients use our QR Code for their Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution

Labeling Perishable Goods

When tracking perishable goods with a QR code, you can hold your phone camera up to the label and information such as the source of the goods or the expiration date will pop up on your device’s screen.

Tracking Batch/Lot Numbers

When tracking your Batch/Lot stock items like medicine, you can input information like the date it was created, the batch or lot number, who created it, and more. This makes recalls and maintaining accountability easy.

Asset Maintenance

Putting QR codes on your assets can allow you to view maintenance information like the condition, when the next maintenance is due, how often the asset needs maintenance, who performed the last maintenance, and more.

Returning Misplaced Assets

If someone finds an asset in the wrong place, they can just pull out their phone and scan the QR code to see where that asset should be and return it to its designated location.

Labeling Boxes

For boxes filled with inventory or assets, you can put a QR code on the box with information like which inventory or assets the box contains, the quantity of those items, and more.

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