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Inventory System for Textile

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Textile Inventory System

Material Asset Tracking and Inventory System Textile manufacturers and handlers use our Inventory System and Asset Tracking to track complex variables pertaining to textile rolls and spools. Our Barcode Software makes day-to-day tasks, such as data entry, collection and roll length/weight monitoring an automated and systematic operation.

Material Management Features

Single Warehouse or Multiple Warehouses

Supports FIFO and LIFO inventory practices

Sync scanned data via USB Cradle, Wi-Fi or 4G Mobile

Receive using PO’s and issue against SO’s

Receive using Unit Of Measure (UOM) Multiplier

Allows Same Stock Number at Multiple Locations

Issue to Customers / Jobs / Production / Scrap

Set Up Automatic Reorder by Quantity

Conduct Physical Inventory and Cycle Count

Barcode Labels and Catalogs

Create Inventory Lists, Bill Of Materials (BOM), and Pick Lists

Reduce Partial Rolls and Wasted Textiles

You can manage and label individual rolls by location and a manufacturer or system-generated unique roll I.D number. This ensures that the correct rolls are being consumed without wasting materials or labor hours.

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