Asset Tracking
Our Asset Tracking is ranked among the top 10 Asset Tracking in the US, due to its ease of use.

Best In Class Asset Tracking

Our Asset Tracking combines desktop software, barcode scanners, barcode labels, and mobile devices that will help users understand where assets are, how they are being utilized and what actions need to be taken to keep efficiency. Regardless of company size, our highly configurable and user friendly system can track assets from acquisition to retirement within large facilities or a small office.

We are a Full Asset Tracking Solution Provider

Asset Tracking System

What Makes Us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just for the System Users

All Employee / Non System Users
View Only Users
Department Managers
Concurrent System Users
System Administrator
Asset Reports/Data Grids
Asset Shopping Cart - Unique Interface
Asset Tracking - Daily Transactions

Asset Tracking - Video

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ASAP Systems most reliable and widely used Barcode-based Asset Tracking solution. Watch this video and learn more about our #1 Asset Tracking System and all about the features and benefits it guarantees for any organization.

Two Different Interfaces for Two Different Users


Interface 1:

For Asset Tracking Users and Administrators

tracking asset

Interface 2:

For the Custodians and the users reserving Asset Items

Asset Tracking System Functionalities


Asset Tracking
Detailed profiles for each asset provide valuable information that is easily accessible.  Each asset profile includes pictures, videos, serial numbers, condition, and more.

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    Popular Asset Tracking Features

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    Check-Out / Check-in
    Our Asset Tracking enables users to always stay informed about assets while they are on the move.
    asset solution
    Asset Reservation
    Our Asset Tracking users are empowered to reserve asset items and confirm availability.
    asset solution
    Asset Maintenance Tracking
    Our Asset Tracking ensures every asset item is accounted for, maintained, and replaced when needed.
    asset solution
    Our Asset Tracking enables users to stay updated about all asset-related processes by receiving notifications
    asset solution
    Asset Depreciation Tracking
    Our Asset Tracking enhances the level of control over the depreciation of fixed assets with accurate calculations.
    asset solution
    Asset Reports
    Our Asset Tracking enables users to configure, run, and schedule asset-related reports with criteria that matter.

    Advantages of Our Asset Tracking Solution

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    Ensure Compliance

    Regulatory compliance and certifications can be fulfilled with our effective Asset Tracking System.

    Gain Visibility

    Keep a constant eye on checked out items, upcoming warranty expirations, and expired contracts.

    Track Value & Cost

    Keeping track of asset value throughout its lifecycle is important and can have financial benefits.

    Making it a Breeze to Track Fixed Assets

    solution asset
    Asset Barcode Labels are an easy way to provide fixed assets with a unique identifier. Barcodes help ensure that assets can be effortlessly located and identified at a moments notice. Making it even more simple, our barcodes can be easily printed at the office or pre-printed barcode labels can be conveniently purchased.
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