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Allow Users to Approve and Be Notified of Orders

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Inventory Order Approvals Made Easy

Our Industry-Leading Barcode Inventory System provides users the ability to streamline the order management process. The System is fully configurable to easily perform the process of creating and sending out purchase orders (PO) and sales orders (SO). Prior to creating the PO or SO, system administrators are able to designate an approval process that includes up to two “Approver(s)” to confirm, or reject, the order.


Watch this video to learn how our Inventory System facilitates users through the Approval Cycle.

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The Order Approval Process

Inventory System Order Management Image2

To start the order fulfillment process, users simply create a purchase or sales order. Once selecting the customer/vendor, stock items, and order number, they can submit the request for approval. Now it is up to the assigned “Approver(s)” to review the order. With this feature, Admin users get the chance to review orders before going any further down the order fulfillment process. Once approved, the order can be received.

Email Notifications

Manage orders easily and effectively with the notifications option in our Inventory System. If system administrator(s) would like to alert those involved in the approval process via email, they can choose this option in the System Configuration. Also, you can allow up to two “Approvers” to receive an email which informs them to review the order. Once the order is submitted, the email notifications will be sent and it must be approved by all parties in order to be completed.

Inventory System Approval Cycle Image3

Progress Bar

Inventory System Order Management Image4

Once this feature is activated, users can see the progress bar for each order. This bar includes profile pictures of the creator and the approver(s) to better organize the management process. The progress bar allows for both a visual and easy way to track where the purchase and sales orders are in the process, as well as who needs to approve them.

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tracking system image 3

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