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Manage Your Inventory with Alerts

An organization’s worst nightmare is running out of stock. Our Inventory System allows users to set up configurable alerts via SMS text and/or email to notify all selected personnel of any need-to-know information. Alerts can be communicated to the system users for almost anything in the system from low inventory, expiring items, to when employees dispose of inventory and much more.

Set Inventory Alerts For...

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  • Inventory Too High
  • Inventory Too Low
  • Out of Stock Inventory
  • Expired Inventory
  • Received, Disposed or Moved Inventory
  • Min/Max Inventory per Site
  • Sales and Purchase Order Approvals
  • Shopping Cart Users

Types of Alerts For Better Stock Management

In our system, there are 3 different ways that you can communicate low stock levels to the system users.

Users can check the Alert Icon on the top right of the screen, on the “Stock” dashboard to see all alerts.

Set up text message alerts for when items fall below the stock threshold, expire, or just to stay informed on all transactions involving your inventory.

Users can also set up email notifications for any members of an organization to stay informed on changes or updates to inventory item information.

Benefits of our Alert Feature

  • Ensures effective communication throughout an organization
  • Streamline inventory management workflow
  • Send to multiple recipients to keep your team organized and informed
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