"My Assets" Shopping Cart Feature

The Asset Tracking Reservation Cart allows all members of an organization to reserve any Asset items and assign a due date when the item should be checked back in. The Administrators can then check-out the chosen Asset to the employee who reserved it.

Watch and Learn

Watch and learn how the Asset Tracking Reservation Cart works. The Asset Tracking Reservation Cart is a place where any user in your organization can be permitted access to easily log in and make a reservation on available Assets.

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Employees and Internal Staff has the ability to:

  • See all available items set for check-out.
  • Send out Reservation requests on required Asset items.
  • Set a Due date to return the checked out Asset items.
  • Flag   their favorite Asset items.
  • Search for available Assets on a designated date.
  • Explore Assets available for Check-out between a starting date and ending date.
  • Search globally through any active column.
  • View past-due Asset Items.

Administrators Have the ability to:

  • Select Asset Items which are available for Checkout.
  • Set up the company’s Logo in the Asset Shop.
  • Process the reservation requests and check out the demanded Asset Item.
  • Configure the home screen view, either an Asset list view or models view.
  • Choose which columns he wishes to appear in the Asset Shop.
  • Choose The image size, either small or large.
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