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Cloud-Based Hosting Solution
Track your inventory and assets from the cloud

The Cloud-Based Solution for Asset and Inventory Tracking

Our Cloud Based Inventory Management and Asset Tracking System allows users of our tracking solution to access and manage their stock and asset items directly from a web browser. You can just open the website, log in, and get started on tracking your items. 

As long as you have a connection to the internet, you will be able to access your tracking information. Any changes will also be updated in real-time, allowing you to always be up to date on where all your organization’s stock and assets are. So you can finally say goodbye to dock and sync! 

Cloud-Based Solutions - Video

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Our best in class Asset Tracking and Inventory System offer three distinct options for its Cloud-Based Solutions. Our classic Software as a Service, Dedicated Environment, and our Self Hosted Environment. Our products have passed rigorous security tests, are considered the most secure application on the market, and work at incredible speed.

Benefits of our Cloud Inventory platform and Asset Tracking

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Offline Mode
If you are somewhere where an internet connection is unavailable or spotty, you can turn the system to its Offline Mode. In Offline Mode, you will be able to track everything the way you usually do, except it will not sync with the rest of the system until you reconnect to the internet.
inventory system asset tracking
Shopping Cart/My Work Assets
The Inventory Shopping Cart and My Work Assets feature functions like shopping carts for your own items. You can view the items you have on hand and request them like a standard shopping cart but for your products. You can also request maintenance and disposal of your assets if broken using this feature.
inventory system asset tracking
Sleek Design
Our cloud-based solution comes with a sleek design that can be configured to hold the information more pertinent to you in places that are easiest for you to see. We do this by allowing you to drag and drop different panels, so everything is where you want it. Our system is built to be used by anyone, so we focus on user-friendliness when it comes to design.
inventory system asset tracking
Better Scalability
Having a cloud-based system is usually more flexible than an on-premise one. Without having to worry about setting up the system on your end, you can quickly scale to meet the demand of new employees, allowing them to get to work on the system without having to spend hours just installing applications on their devices.
Cloud Based Inventory Management and Asset Tracking Options

Option 1: Classic Cloud-Based

inventory system asset tracking
This option is what most people think of when they think of traditional cloud-based systems. Your data is put into a database in the cloud that we host through our servers. You will also be able to take advantage of our secure system with certifications like SOC 2 compliance.

This saves you time on IT work, allowing you to forego setting up servers and security. In addition, this option will let you take advantage of our real-time tracking as long as you are connected to the internet.

Option 2: Dedicated Server

inventory system asset tracking
This option is relatively similar to the Classic Cloud-Based option. The only real difference is that your information will be kept on a database separate from all of our other organizations. We will still host the server for you. This option has many benefits of the Class Cloud-Based systems with the added benefit of having a server hosting specifically for your organization.

This option introduces a “Sandbox” environment on top of the usual “Production” environment, which can be used for testing. Both of these environments can be accessed from laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Option 3: Self Hosted

inventory system asset tracking
Going one step further, we have a Dedicated Server option. This option allows you to keep your data distinct by hosting your own server and tracking information there. But, of course, it will still be accessible online through your computers and mobile devices.  

This gives you greater configurability and allows you to set up whatever you would like as far as IT goes. As a result, this has more of the benefits and drawbacks of the on-premise solution than the cloud-based one. 

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