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Maintain Optimal Inventory Levels

Our Industry-Leading Barcode Inventory System enables Users to set a minimum and maximum Inventory level for each Inventory item to improve turnover and reduce stock outs and overstocking. With this feature, the min and max levels for each Inventory item can be set to a specific location or entire Warehouse.

Min/Max Inventory Status Scale

Knowing your Inventory items Quantity On Hand (QOH) and when to replenish  those inventories is critical to your team’s success.  That’s where our Inventory Min/Max Status Scale Panel comes in handy for all system users.  This Panel allows users to predefine the maximum and minimum quantity levels of inventory for each part number. Watch this video to learn more about how the Min/Max Inventory Quantity Status works.

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What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

All Employee / Non System Users
View-Only Users
Concurrent System Users
System Administrators
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Manage Inventory Better with SMS or Email Alerts

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If you are on the go and a certain inventory stock item goes below or above the Min/Max threshold, our Inventory System will generate an email or text alert to notify the system user. In order to operate more efficiently, the message can be customized for clear and concise instructions to other users. The Min/Max Alert is one of the most efficient automated inventory replenishment features.

Manage Inventory By Location

Users have the ability to set a Min/Max quantity level per stock item and per location. For each shelf in the warehouse, room in the building, or area in the stockroom, you can set the minimum and maximum quantity that you would like available for each particular inventory stock item.

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    Save Time by Importing Spreadsheet for Min/Max

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    Eliminate the struggle of manually entering the location and Min/Max data to each available Inventory item. If you already have a spreadsheet of Inventory items, their location, and their Min/Max data, users can simply import into our Inventory System.

    Generate Location Min/Max Reports

    Our Inventory System enables users to generate configurable Location Min/Max Reports for extended visibility. If users would like to view available Min/Max quantities in a certain location, our system has the ability to auto-generate and email such reports on a preset delivery schedule.

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