Inventory Adjust Feature

Our Powerful Inventory System’s Adjust Feature allows users to adjust the inventory count based on physical count without the trouble of rescanning the entire inventory.

Benefits of our Inventory Adjust Feature

Any adjustments made based on physical inventory counts can be logged with detailed information giving stockroom managers and administrators peace of mind.

Under history, users can scroll down to adjust inventory, view previous adjustments, and when they were made for increased visibility.

Users are able to view the location, date, and who made adjustments.

Add transaction notes when adjusting inventory to document the reason(s) for the change, giving users an extra level of control and accountability.

Added flexibility and control.

Watch & Learn - Inventory Adjust Feature

Overstock, understock, and inventory shrinkage are common problems that warehouses and stockrooms encounter due to an uncontrolled, miscounted inventory. Watch and Learn how the Adjust Feature can help improve your inventory and help you keep track.

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