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Track Depreciation of Assets

Our Asset Tracking System offers better management and tracking of an organization’s fixed asset depreciation. Accurate bookkeeping and reporting for tax and insurance purposes is now made simple! This powerful Asset Tracking feature ensures accurate asset depreciation calculation, reducing unnecessary equipment purchases, and improving accounting accuracy.

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Advantages of Our Asset Depreciation Feature

A quick and easy way to generate accurate reports on the depreciation value of all assets over time.

Easily identifies when asset items are costing more than their worth in maintenance and need to be disposed of.

Run accurate asset depreciation reports, log purchase and warranty information when assets are received.

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    3 Methods of Asset Depreciation

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    Users can choose exactly how to calculate the depreciation of assets and easily compare by any of these Asset depreciation methods:

    Depreciation Made Easy

    Our Asset Tracking System makes it easy to generate the depreciation of an asset item in just 3 simple steps.

    1. Create an Asset Item
    2. Set the Depreciation Method
    3. Enter Asset information (including years, item cost, and scrap value).

    Once these steps have been completed, the depreciation is taken and the dates are automatically filled.

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    General Asset Depreciation Settings

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    Our Asset Tracking System enables users to define their own general Asset Depreciation settings, which include:

    • Determining when the fiscal year starts
    • Setting the reporting period (either a month, a quarter, or a year)
    • Determining the calculation period (either 12 months or 365 days)
    • Setting the acquisition depreciation (either a custom value or the full value)

    Configurable Asset Depreciation Reports

    Users have the ability to generate automated Asset Depreciation Reports that provide information including, adjustments, book values, and depreciation expenses for insurance and auditing purposes. Such reports may be scheduled to auto generate periodically and automatically sent to the appropriate staff such as auditors or accountants.

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