Asset Tracking Security Feature

System users have the ability to create and control security groups and designate functional roles, restricted access, and capabilities within the Asset Tracking System. Offering the ability to assign multiple groupings, administrators to have full control to grant users only the level of access that they need.

Asset tracking security level image 1

Configurable Security

ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking Security Feature offers unlimited control by defining restricted access levels for security groups and limited access for specific users.

Structured System Access

Assign users to different access levels by simply clicking the checkboxes in the Asset Tracking Security Feature configuration area. User levels include admin, standard, accounting, view-only, and reservation-only. The feature helps you create an asset tracking ecosystem specific to your organizational security needs.

Asset Tracking Admin Control Options

Assign one or more security groups to the Asset Tracking users

Transaction-level control for groups or users of the Asset Tracking System

Unlimited security level control and flexibility

Form-level control such as view, add, edit, delete or records

Field-level control such as view-only, view-edit data fields

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