Asset Tracking
Visualize the Location of Each Asset on a Map
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Visual Mapping for Asset Tracking

Exclusive to our Cloud-Based Asset Tracking System, this Mapping feature allows users to track their assets’ location on a geographical map.

Adding Addresses into Our System

Asset Tracking Mapping Image1
In order to start mapping your assets, you need to add an address into our system and assign this address to a location.  Once creating those “Files”, either add the locations to a current asset or create new assets with the “Add New” button.

Simple Mapping Tool

In the system, simply go to the “Asset” interface and select “Map All” to view all assets on an interactive map.  Once in the geographical map, simply click the small arrow to flip through all the assets offering the ability for greater visibility.
Asset Tracking Mapping Image2

View Details of Each Asset

Asset Tracking Mapping Image3
After selecting an asset on the mapping tool, users can view additional details about the asset in a specific location such as the asset code, asset name, the address, and a picture of the asset.

Mobile App

Asset Tracking System users can also map their assets on our Mobile App. Simply go to “Asset”, then “Inventory”, and click the pin on the top right of the page to access the map.
Asset Tracking Mapping Image5
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