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Notes and Flags allow for better visibility and tracking
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Note and Flag Specific Assets

Our Barcode-Based Asset Tracking System allows users to add Notes and Flag important Assets on any Inventory or Asset grids.

Add Notes to Transactions

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Using the Note feature, users are able to add sticky notes and time stamps to important transactions such as Asset purchase or Sale Orders.

Flagging Assets

While using the Flag feature, users can identify and flag important assets. This will allow them to quickly identify, sort, view, and access them.
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Tangible Benefits

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Better Visibility
Identify critical assets by flagging them for easier access and visibility
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Note History
Create a chronological timeline of notes with a history of each note logged, it’s creator, and the date it was created
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Add / Edit Notes
Add / Edit notes to any file, including location, Asset purchase orders, and maintenance requests
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Add Favorites
Favorite any Asset line items that you track frequently
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