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Verify Asset Transactions with Signature Capture

With our Asset Tracking System Signature Capture feature, users are able to improve reliability and auditing during their daily Asset transactions. In order to keep users accountable for these transactions, the system administrator can require an electronic signature field to be signed after each transaction. This feature streamlines the Asset management process to ensure that only designated employees authorize transactions.

What Makes us Best In Class

We built it for everyone and not just the System Users

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Enhanced Verification

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Looking to add another level of security when assigning Assets to a job, classroom, warehouse, or site? Our system ensures that only designated users are allowed to authorize signature-captured transactions. These users have the ability to accept, approve, and sign each Asset transaction on our Mobile App or Barcode scanning device upon delivery.

Signature Capture Usage

Electronic signature fields can be added to the following Asset transactions:

  • Receive Transaction
  • Move Transaction
  • Check Out Transaction
  • Check In Transaction
  • Dispose Transaction
  • Maintenance Transaction
  • Physical Inventory
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