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Effortlessly Track, Bill, and Report Loaned Assets
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Generate Time Duration Reports for Asset Tracking

Exclusive to our On-Premise Asset Tracking Solution, Asset Time Duration enables system users the ability to track usage and set up billing rates for their rental, or loaned assets.

Watch and Learn

How long have assets been deployed? Which assets are underutilized because they have been sitting on the shelf? What contractors or employees are returning equipment after its due? Watch and learn how the Time Duration feature can help answer these questions

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System Configuration for Admins

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In the system configuration, administrators can fully configure the billing increments and billing rates. The default rate is identified as the “Global Rate” in our system. You can override that default by adding a rate by category, model, or specifically by asset.

Timestamps and Time Duration Reports

Users can log the time and date stamps of any checked out asset. As soon as a user checks out an item, the timer starts on our system and stops once the item is checked back in. A time duration report will be generated to track and monitor checked out / in items. These fully configurable reports can include the billing increments, total duration, selected rate, and the billing calculations. Once ready to export the reports, simply print or email straight from our system.

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