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ASAP Systems provides an Inventory System with a host of intuitive features offering organizations multiple advantages. The Inventory Receive Feature enables organizations to enhance daily inventory receive processes.  The feature offers the ability to receive inventory in multiple ways that offer more strategic and beneficial daily processes.

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Watch and learn what our Inventory Receive Feature can do for you! See how easy it is to receive inventory in multiple locations and enhance daily workflow.


  • Receive 4 types of Inventory
  • Receive Inventory to a pre-defined, Default Location
  • Receive Inventory using multiple Units of Measure with a Multiplier specified by the organization
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Receive to a Default Location

Our Inventory Receive Feature enables users to receive Inventory to a predefined default location. For example, in a pharmaceutical warehouse, certain medications cannot be stored together at the same location due to their composition. 

Receive Four Inventory Types

Standard Inventory items are the most general form of items. It can be used for anything from pens/pencils to desks or chairs.

Healthcare Facilities can receive Batch-Lot Inventory including medications and medical supplies to efficiently track the Batch/Lot Expiration dates.

Solar Power companies can receive Serial Inventory for tracking solar panels with a unique number.

Fabric companies can receive Serial with Quantity items to receive each roll of fabric with a unique serial number and still have a quantity per roll that can be consumed by length.

Save Time by using the Multiplier

Our Inventory System enables receiving inventory using multiple units of measure like inches, meters, and pounds, with a multiplier specified by the company. For example, an EMS agency is receiving 100 boxes of gloves; each box contains 40 gloves. Users will enter the number of boxes that are received, and the system will multiply the number of boxes by the amount of the item in the box. 

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