Inventory and Asset Software for Kit Tracking Made Easier

inventory system asset tracking mmi case study image


Mymedicalimages (MMI) provides a platform that allows patients and doctors to share medical images. They were founded on the idea that people should be able to view, share, and manage a lifetime of medical images like they would with their personal photos. They needed a web-based system to help them keep track of their StarterKits, their customers’ information, and to automate their process.


MMI realized that their process consists of a copious amount of manual data entry into Excel. They needed to find a more efficient solution for tracking their products. MMI has a product that they call the StarterKit which they use to safely transport marketing material, CD’s, CD dividers, and a How-to-guide to and from their customers. They began research on inventory systems and our “Barcloud” software was highly-recommended to them as one of the best for Barcode-based Stock/Asset Tracking and Kitting.


The two features that MMI uses the most within our system are Stock to Asset, and Inventory Kitting. MMI would create a Purchase Order (PO) for all the materials of their StarterKit, receive these materials into Stock and are kitted into a box, or in this case, a StarterKit. The box/StarterKit would be issued a unique serial number to keep track of what materials were in that box, then assigned to a customer and shipped out to them. Once the customer receives the StarterKit, they will upload their personal medical images onto the CDs provided and send the box with the medical images back to MMI. MMI will then receive the box with the CD’s, add the box as an Asset, and each CD will be issued their own serial number. The CD’s will then be assigned to a “group” (another box), and MMI will be able to track the box as a whole. Stock to Asset and our Inventory kitting features help MMI transfer and keep track of their StarterKits from beginning to end.


These are a few reasons why MMI loved us over our competitors when looking for a solution to efficiently track their items:

Quick Support: “One of the main factors to choosing Barcloud was the fast response. Most other companies we reached out to did not have a good sales/support team. We wanted someone who was quick and that is interested in our product as much as we are on the inventory system.”
Ideal Price Point: “Another factor was pricing, the pricing aligned with our needs but still kept our demands with minimal compromise.”
Simple Barcode Solution: “The training was extremely helpful in helping us understand what we needed after explaining our product structure.”
User Friendly: “Before implementation we decided to do a trial where we did small quantities of products to understand the system better. The WikiHow also helped us understand the structure to better organize how the product will be handled. “
Saves Time with Automation: “Through their software we are able to see and understand how much is being used at what rate and helped us save a lot of time and money.”
(MMI Employee)


Keeping track of everything from the beginning stages of manufacturing, to sales, delivery, returns, and processing it all through excel can be very time consuming and leaves plenty of room for error. We helped MMI automate their process so they wouldn’t have to keep track of everything manually. “As there are many components to the StarterKit (our physical product) Barcloud has helped
us save time of tracking each product individually, as well as making sure we have enough in stock to have a completed product. Through the software we are able to see and understand how much is being used and at what rate therefore helped us save money” (MMI Employee).