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As time presses on, businesses are becoming more and more dependent on technology for their business operations. Not having a streamlined business operation can mean losing customers. In addition, some companies find it incredibly difficult to stay updated with the constantly changing landscape. This is the problem that Digital Touch Systems aims to solve.


Created in 2009, Digital Touch Systems is an Austin, Texas-based company that elevates the brand experience and helps companies better engage with their audiences by using the Digital Touch content management system for interactive screens. Meaning that they need to manage their inventory efficiently.

The Challenge of Tracking Accurately

Before eventually purchasing our web-based inventory management solutions, Digital Touch System would track their inventory through an Excel spreadsheet. However, they found that this method lent itself to many errors. They also found that keeping track of each inventory item was incredibly time-consuming and inefficient.


Tracking on paper meant that they had to spend a lot of time manually tracking their items; this is time they could have spent more efficiently in other tasks or business operations. They realized that they would need to implement an inventory tracking system to grow.

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  • Digital Touch Systems


  • Technology


  • Inefficient Tracking Methods
  • Error Prone Tracking System
  • Lack of Visibility
  • Inability to Integrate with Other Systems


  • Increased company growth
  • Advanced Reporting Features
  • Easy-to-Use System
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Real-Time Tracking

Why Digital Touch Systems Chose Our System

Once they committed to finding a system to track their inventory, Digital Touch Systems faced another challenge: deciding which system to implement. They needed a barcode inventory system that had robust features and a configurable mobile app to track on the go. Of course, our system had it all and more.


Another critical decision was to choose whether to go with our On-Premise Solution or our Web-Based Solution. After consideration, they decided on the Web-Based Solution as it allowed them to track in real-time and saved them work on the IT front.


Thanks to our helpful team and easy-to-use system, they reported not needing a learning curve at all, understanding how to use the system almost immediately after going through training. This helped all users to quickly go back to their day to day operations, allowing them to manage their tasks easily and efficiently.

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How Digital Touch Systems Used Our Web-Based Solution

On an average day with our system, Digital Touch System uses the Receive and Issue features the most to receive and send out their stock. They also use our Barcode Creation feature to create and configure barcode labels.

They also use QuickBooks for their accounting, so our integration with QuickBooks came in handy for making their operations more efficient.

In addition, they were quickly able to transfer their tracking information over to QuickBooks to simplify their finances.

Additionally, Digital Touch Systems uses our advanced inventory tracking reports to stay on top of their tracking information. They like the flexibility of the reports because the system allows them to create them in whatever format works best for them, allowing them to maintain visibility in a way that makes sense to them.

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Efficient Real-Time Tracking With Our Mobile App

Being one of the things that tipped the scales in our favor, Digital Touch Systems uses our mobile application extensively, including our mobile app, because it allows them to scan the barcodes they create with their smart devices’ phone cameras. This ultimately saved them money on hardware, because they no longer had to buy expensive scanners to make the system work.

Our mobile app also allows you to track from anywhere with internet access. You will have most of the web app functionality in the palm of your hand, making real-time tracking super easy.

Happy Results!

They found that thanks to our inventory management solutions, the company drastically improved the efficiency of its tracking processes. As a result, they had more time to spend on other critical tasks. In addition, improving their inventory tracking allowed them to improve their business practices as a whole, making them an all-around more efficient organization.


To learn more about how you can improve your organization’s efficiency with our Inventory System, Check out our website or schedule a demo today at

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