Asset Tracking System for a Multi-Disciplined Service Provider

Asset Tracking System - Service Provider - CS060

McLean Delmo Bentleys

McLean Delmo Bentleys is a dynamic professional services organization offering advice to all types of businesses and individuals. They are led by a group of entrepreneurs whose success in business mirrors the success of many of their clients. They offer multi-disciplined services enhanced through technology, innovation, progressive leadership, and passionate, committed people.



With over 60,000 paper records, McLean Delmo Bentleys was challenged with the ability to effectively manage their assets. The firm was looking to improve the efficiency of their internal records management operations and enhance the customer experience for staff when requesting or searching assets. Additionally, the firm was in need of enhanced reporting processes and the ability to easily identify expired assets, in an effort to drive down cost.



After an intensive online search, it was ASAP Systems’ user-friendly and cost-effective Barcode-Based Asset Tracking System that proved to be the perfect solution for McLean Delmo Bentleys. In addition to intuitive features, including Check-Out/ Check-In, Signature Capture,  and user-friendliness,  Evan Wolfe, Company Representative, adds, “Reporting was a key feature – we wanted a system that not only tracked our records but helped maintain and expedite turnover and destruction of overdue files. Another main factor here was being able to export these reports to Excel for distribution.” 



ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking System helped to streamline processes and create greater efficiency and accuracy.  Evan Wolfe explains, “ASAP Systems’ Asset Tracking System allows us to track, report, and provides the functions which allow us to enhance our internal records management functions.” As an added benefit, our Asset Tracking System has helped drive down costs by identifying expired assets that can be destroyed, eliminating additional storage fees. Lastly, Evan Wolfe adds, “Reports have enabled further improvements to the internal process to assist and identify assets for a more timely lifecycle management process.”


Increased productivity and accuracy with our Barcode-Based Asset Tracking System was a simple and effective solution for McLean Delmo Bentleys. Saving time, money, and assisting with all their asset tracking needs, our best in class System continues to benefit the firm, allowing them to better serve their staff and customers. Evan Wolfe concludes,  “Tracking of all our internal assets has been a huge benefit for us, we now know exactly where an asset is at any time.”