Improves their ROI and Tracking Process using our All-In-One Solution

inventory asset tracking solution ryder

Company: Ryder System, Inc.

Industry: Transportation

Key Challenges: 

  • Needed a better tracking system in place to track both inventory and assets using one system   
  • Used manual data entry in excel to track items
  • Needed to save time any money on imbalances


  • All-In-One Solution. Track your inventory and assets using one system
  • Organized their Tracking process
  • Full Visibility of all their items
  • Flexibility, Configurability, Scalability
  • Identifying and Correcting Inventory Imbalances
  • Significantly Improved ROI


Company Overview: Ryder System, Inc. 

Ryder System Inc. Is a Fortune 500 industry leader that operates behind the scenes, managing critical fleet, transportation, and supply chain functions for over 50,000 customers, many of which make the products that consumers use every day. Ryder gives its customers access to North America’s largest fleet of trucks, an expansive infrastructure of maintenance facilities and warehouses.

Identifying the challenge 

Ryder struggled to keep track of its inventory and assets. They entered all their asset data manually using Excel spreadsheets and were in desperate need of a huge upgrade in their inventory and asset management processes. That’s when they embarked on their long journey to find the best tracking/management software and finally found our Inventory and Asset Tracking System for the Transportation industry.

Moving Away from Manual Data Entry 

Manual data entry can be excruciatingly tedious, can leave plenty of room for human error, and can get very pricey very fast. A huge company like Ryder needed a better system in place to have full visibility of their inventory and asset items, to keep the items organized, to save money and time by reducing data entry errors, all while allowing them to continue to grow as a company.

Why Ryder Chose our All-In-One Solution 

After comparing systems, they chose our Inventory and Asset Tracking Software for the transportation industry because it is flexible, perfectly fits their needs, and has fully configurable features. They liked that they were able to manage both their inventory and assets using one system and more importantly that it was scalable enough to grow with them in the future.

How Ryder Uses our Inventory and Asset Tracking Software 

A typical day using our Inventory and Asset Tracking System includes lots of “reporting, moving, receiving, and issuing items”. Ryder has the option to perform these transactions using purchased hardware such as physical scanners etc. in accordance with the web application or they can use their phones to scan their items and perform transactions through our mobile app without buying hardware.

With the mobile app’s barcode scanning capabilities, Ryder can perform any transaction and the data will sync directly to the web application. When asked about the company’s practices, Wright stated, “We supply cellular devices for ELD [Electronic Logging Devices]. Our team is constantly balancing regulatory requirements around good financial processes and internal security requirements as we allocate and execute against our inventory. ASAP Systems provides us with a list of who has what”.

How our Inventory and Asset Tracking System Ultimately Helped Ryder Improve 

“ASAP Systems supplies Ryder with the ability to quickly and effortlessly track our ELD assets across our US and Canadian operations. It’s a useful software for identifying and correcting any inventory imbalance, ultimately improving our ROI” (Don Wright, Ryder System, Inc.).