Asset Tracking Alert Feature

Learn more about our Asset Tracking Alert Feature and streamline your Asset Management.

Our Asset Tracking System offers the ability for users to stay updated with configurable alerts and notifications about all asset management needs. Asset Tracking notifications can be conveniently sent via email or text message and include a personalized message. This effective feature will increase the productivity of any team by keeping members informed about all asset management responsibilities and tasks.

Send out configurable Asset Tracking alerts to multiple users and increase efficient communication.

Email and text alerts can be configured in order to effectively communicate and convey the required message.

Stay connected to multiple locations and streamline asset management workflow with emails and texts via phone.

asset tracking alert image1

Set Asset Tracking Alerts for:

  • Warranty End Date
  • Maintenance Contract End Date
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Assets Costs
  • Check Out Due Date
  • Received, Disposed or Moved Assets
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