Nuovo Pasta – Case Study

Culinary Company Upgrades Their Inventory System to Handle Batch/Lot Inventory Management

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Company Overview: Nuovo Pasta

Every professional in the food industry understands that the food lane is the fast lane. With competition becoming more fierce and deadlines to assemble kit and ship becoming more demanding than ever, the need for an inventory tracking solution is crucial to success. Jeff Hamilton of Nuovo Pasta Productions Ltd. knew this truth, and so he searched for an inventory system to help put his company’s award-winning pasta on the fast track to success.

The company was growing at a much faster rate than its current inventory management methods could handle. In order to sustain Nuovo Pasta’s growth, he needed to find an inventory management system capable of being accessed easily and from anywhere. That was when he came upon our barcode inventory system.

The Challenge of Effectively Tracking Large Amounts of Equipment Before Our System

Prior to searching for an inventory management solution, Nuovo Pasta relied primarily on manual methods for their perishable inventory management. This meant that all inventory needed to be managed by pen and paper as well as Excel. But these methods were tedious, time-consuming, and came with huge drawbacks.

The first major problem was that these methods were simply too slow. Having to enter everything by hand resulted in inflated operational costs for their multiple warehouses, and not being able to stay up to speed on current inventory levels resulted in high levels of human error. This proved especially costly considering that Nuovo regularly manages an inventory of over 1,000 items that need to be sorted according to expiration date and temperature requirements. An inventory management system for the food industry needs to move as quickly as orders need to be met, it was clear that the quickly growing culinary company had outgrown the tried-and-true methods of pen, paper, and Excel.

The company was in urgent need of an upgrade, and its needs were crystal clear. For their batch/lot inventory management, error reporting needed to be swift in order to avoid mistakes in shipment. The costs of overseeing their multiple warehouses needed to be controlled and trimmed down. Most importantly, any inventory system adopted would need to be easily accessible from anywhere.

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  • Food

Key Challenge

  • Manual management methods
  • Difficult to sort raw materials
  • Increased labor costs
  • Improper stock rotation


  • Increased company growth
  • Less time spent managing inventory
  • Seamless web-based management
  • Eliminated shipment errors
our inventory management system that fits all industries

Why Nuovo Pasta Chose Our System

While researching inventory management systems for the food industry, Jeff came across our software. Immediately, he saw the utility our system could offer him. Our system’s ability to offer features focused on item and lot management would allow them to tailor our system to meet their needs perfectly.

Our system’s mobile app made logging in from any location a breeze, and having it online also allowed their inventory to become more secure through the use of a VPN. Best of all, our competitive pricing and excellent support made us stand out from the competition.

This made Jeff’s decision to entrust Nuovo Pasta’s inventory management needs to our system an easy one.

How Nuovo Pasta Used Our Software

After undergoing training and testing the software in different situations, Nuovo Pasta was ready to put our system to the test. When items arrived, staff would make use of our system’s move feature on their mobile devices in order to sort items into the correct bin. This is a crucial step given that culinary companies must follow strict guidelines for food handling and segregation.

For finished goods sold to a customer, warehouse managers would issue order confirmations, which staff would use to scan. From there, they utilize the import function our system offers, allowing them seamlessly transition between their inventory and a third-party financial software that houses their sales and purchase orders.

While discussing his experience of using our system, Jeff shared valuable insight on which features were the most vital in their day-to-day operations. “We are using the Receive, Move and Issue functions throughout each day. We are using the import function for Purchase Orders daily.

This is but a brief overview of how Nuovo Pasta tailored our system to meet their exact needs. Our robust array of features were easy to learn and has become a vital part of their work every day. So, what were the overall results?

The Results

Adopting our system has helped Nuovo Pasta’s renowned recipes find its path to even greater success. “The technology has replaced our previous inefficient and outdated processes and helped to create true industry best practices for inventory management and control within our organization,” Jeff shared with us.

The company has reported rapid growth over the past few years, and as the company grew in scope, so too did the needs of their inventory management systems. Managing their perishable items by pen and paper has become a thing of the past. Company leadership can make informed business decisions due to being able to manage items effectively and in real time. Best of all, human errors can now be preemptively avoided, eliminating errors in shipping as well as all the headaches they can cause.

As Nuovo Pasta continues to grow as a leader in the food industry, the future looks bright for its inventory management needs. In the future, they hope to further integrate our software with other third-party platforms they use, allowing for streamlined inventory, trimmed warehouse costs, and of course more delicious pasta.

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We are ecstatic that using our software has resulted in such a resounding success story for Jeff and Nuovo Pasta Ltd, and we are confident we can help your food company find its footing in the fast lane to success too. Here is how you can get started:

To learn more about how you can improve your organization’s efficiency with our Inventory System, Check out our website or or schedule a demo today at

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