Inventory & Asset Tracking Software Helps Contracting Company

Welcome to ASAP Systems! We are a full barcode Inventory System and Asset tracking solution for all types of organizations. Keep watching to find out how we helped a contracting company like Red Dirt Measurement and Controls (RDMC) keep track of their inventory and asset items.

Red Dirt Measurement and Controls LLC (RDMC) provides a wide range of exceptional instrumentation and electrical services for the Oil and Gas industry. RDMC needed an Inventory and Asset-Tracking Solution to give them full visibility of their tools, machinery, and trucks while also helping them save money by managing extra inventory.

With hundreds of line items that range in size and gauge, RDMC must know which electrical parts are needed and used in the infrastructure they work on. Within our system they track, their assets, which include tools and machinery, where their assets need to be located within in a specific truck, what job they are being used at, their electrical supplies such as, wire, conduit, fittings, cable trays, etc.., and Inventory from left over items ordered from previous jobs.

The left-over items that they had accumulated from previous jobs were not tracked or accounted for before.

Now that RDMC uses Our Top-Rated Web-Based Software, they never have to worry about purchasing the same items twice. Our Best Inventory System saved RDMC a lot of money by giving them full visibility of how much extra inventory they have from previous jobs to use for their next projects.

We provide all our customers with a simple Barcode solution that is User-Friendly for all employees along with training and support.

Give us a try and schedule your one-on-one demo with us today! Invest in your future with ASAP Systems. And of course, stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting-edge Inventory and Asset Tracking technologies and benefits we offer!