Quickly Perform an Order Print with our Inventory System

“Hello and thank you for your interest in our industry-leading Barcode Inventory System. We are a full Barcode Software provider. In this video, we will introduce our latest enhancement, the Order Print option. Our Inventory System allows “Shoppers” to print their order requests on demand. 

“Shoppers” are employees or system users that have the ability to request items from their own warehouse or office location via a simplified shopping interface, called the  “Stock Shop”. 

With this feature, users can have their order requests printed in no time in a format predefined by the system administrator. 

System administrators can follow these simple steps to allow “Shoppers” to directly print their orders from the interface: 

  • Navigate to “System Configuration” near the Admin area and click “Shopping Cart”.
  • Then, Enable “Order Print Format” 
  • And finally, choose what you would like “Shoppers” to print.  This can be anything from sales order picklists to a backorder report.  

A Firefighter, for example, requesting a new helmet and boots can now print his or her order after placing it in the Shopping Cart.  That way, each firefighter will have an accurate paper trail of their order requests. 

While maintaining ease-of-use and adaptability, ASAP Systems strives to routinely update and enhance its Inventory System to keep up with the latest trends, best practices, and most importantly, cater to the customers’ expectations of excellence. 

Stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge Inventory and Asset Tracking technologies and benefits offered by ASAP Systems.

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