ASAP Systems Announces its Newly Enhanced Shopping Cart Feature for its Inventory System

ASAP Systems, the leader in Inventory System, has significantly improved its Shopping Cart Feature. With its user-friendly interface, shoppers are now able to easily place orders, search their order history, flag their favorite categories and items, and get automated status notifications.  In addition, the shopping cart administrators now have the ability to easily configure the use of the Shopping Cart by following a few simple steps.

This enhanced Shopping Cart divides its users into three categories: Shoppers, Administrators and Inventory Systems Users.

  • Shoppers simply order items from the available inventory in the warehouse.
  • Administrators pre-configure the shopping cart for ease of use by the shoppers.
  • Inventory System Users are the warehouse folks who pick, pack and ship the items ordered by the shoppers.

Shoppers within medium to large organizations such as IT Companies, Fire Departments or Military Installations can simply log into the Shopping Cart and instantly view available items in their warehouse.  Their user experience mimics that of popular shopping carts. Except in this case, they only view their own inventory within their own warehouses.

Administrators, in turn, can create secure user access for their shoppers. They can configure with small or large icon views and they can pick between category or a detailed item view. Administrators also can control how much data a shopper has access to, such as purchase cost, description, inventory levels or other data they deem relevant. Among other available configurations, the administrator gets to create approval processes prior to the delivery to the shoppers. For example, when a firefighter in his/her firehouse places an order to replenish consumed items, administrators can require the digital approval of one or more fire chiefs.  Once approved the items get delivered.

Users, short for Inventory System Users, are often the warehouse folks who receive the orders, pick the items off the shelves, pack and deliver to the shoppers.

ASAP Systems’ Head of Engineering, Joseph Azzi, explains: “The purpose of the Inventory Shopping Cart is to provide internal shoppers the ability to select items, order them and track their order status.” The Shopping Cart is designed for all levels of users, especially those with limited technical experience.

About ASAP Systems

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