Complete Barcode Inventory System for Delaware State Police

Hello and welcome to ASAP Systems! We are a full barcode Inventory System and Asset tracking solutions for all types of organizations.
When it comes to tracking inventory, it is important to have a solid system in place that you can count on. Luckily, the Delaware State Police (DSP) was able to count on ASAP Systems, Barcloud, to handle all of their important inventory stock.

The Delaware State Police Department has a warehouse that stores all of its supplies from uniforms to belts to equipment. Once received into this warehouse, it is then distributed across the state to various police departments. So it was not only important to keep track of the inventory counts and the distribution process but also allow the Leadership staff to see reports on how efficient they actually were performing. From the day it enters the warehouse to the day it leaves and beyond, our system allows for the tracking of the whole Inventory Lifecycle.

They loved our system so much that they are expected to expand to other sections. A representative from DSP said, “We also have other sections such as our Scuba team that will have a need to manage/inventory their gear. We will be looking to bring them on to BarCloud in the near future as well.”

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