Inventory and Asset Software for Tracking Medical Equipment

Welcome to ASAP Systems! We are a full barcode Inventory and Asset tracking solution for all types of organizations. Keep watching to find out how we helped a small company like mymedicalimages take their inventory and asset tracking to the next level.

Mymedicalimages (MMI) provides a platform that allows patients and doctors to share medical images much easier. With their StarterKit, MMI needs to safely transport important medical CD’s to and from a customer’s home.

MMI realized that their process consisted of a lot of manual data entry into Excel and they needed to find a better solution for tracking their products. They began researching inventory systems and our “Barcloud” software was highly-recommended to them as one of the best for Stock Tracking and Kitting. MMI filled out the interest form on our website and we quickly scheduled them into a 1 on 1 demo. An employee from MMI stated, “One of the main factors to choosing Barcloud was the fast response. Most other companies we reached out to did not have a good sales or support team.”
Keeping track of everything from the beginning stages of manufacturing, to sales, delivery and returns, then having to process it all through excel can be very time consuming and there is plenty of room for error. Luckily, MMI took full advantage of our personalized training sessions and WikiHow to make sure their products were being tracked properly. MMI claimed that, “Through their software we are able to see and understand how much is being used at what rate and helped us save a lot of time and money.”
Give us a try and schedule your first demo with us today! Invest into your future with ASAP Systems. And of course, stay tuned for more videos detailing the cutting edge Inventory and Asset Tracking technologies and benefits we offer!