How U.S. Federal Agencies use our Barcode Software

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System is built for organizations of all sizes and a large variety of industries such as Distribution, IT Companies, Fire-EMS Departments, Government Entities, Education, Military Installations, and many more.

Our best in class Asset Tracking and Inventory System assisted a US Federal Agency, the Parks Reserve Forces Training Area (PRFTA), in keeping accurate records of their equipment, tools, and inventory items.

This Federal Agency is a United States facility that is currently a semi-active mobilization and training center for army personnel.

After an online search, and taking advantage of our one on one system demonstrations, it was our user-friendly and highly configurable Barcode Software that proved to be the perfect solution for the facility.

This Federal Agency tracks several thousand assets and inventory items such as: test equipment, various components, computers, office equipment, and tools. It is also important for them to keep track of data such as purchase information, depreciation, warranty, and calibration.

Our Asset Tracking and Inventory System provided PRFTA with a wide range of features:

  • Excel Import Feature allowed IT administrators to quickly move the old inventory database into the new system database
  • Reports on asset maintenance, asset disposal and the monthly inventory snapshot assisted managers in making better predictions
  • Field Control this feature helped in configuring the data fields based on their daily Inventory needs
  • Mobile Barcode Scanners allowed for real-time and accurate record keeping

We aim to equip our customers with the latest innovations and technologies while constantly striving towards ease-of-use and flexibility.

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