Keeping Employees Productive During Crisis

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Organizations may likely postpone costly projects due to the current crisis we are all facing. Right now, organizations can keep employees productive by starting the process on how to implement a Barcode Tracking Solution for when the time is right.

Here are several suggestions to help prepare your organization to implement a Barcode Tracking Solution, broken down into 3 employee categories.

First, Designated Employees Must:

Second, Administrators/Organizational Leaders Must:

  • EVALUATE the comparison sheets
  • PARTICIPATE in Follow Up Demonstrations to ensure all aspects of the System meet organizational requirements
  • DECIDE on the best Barcode Tracking System for your company needs

Third, Daily Users Must:

  • WATCH training videos on the chosen solution
  • RESEARCH to learn best practices for their roles/environment
  • BE READY to hit the ground running with a new Barcode Tracking Solution once work resumes