Asset Tracking System – Asset Receive Feature

 ASAP Systems, a California based, Asset Tracking System provider for businesses of all sizes, Government, Education, Fire-EMS Departments, Warehousing, Military Organizations, and much more.

“Hello and Thank you for your interest in our complete and best in class Barcode Asset Tracking Solution. In this video, we will discuss the Asset Tracking Receive Feature and its multiple benefits.

The Asset Tracking Receive Feature is a transaction that is specific to the Asset Tracking Solution.  It enables users to receive multiple assets in a relatively quick manner with only the important details identified, such as Asset Number and Location.

Users have the option when receiving an asset, to assign it to a selected person. For example, in the Education industry, schools will receive assets, such as Chromebooks, that will be assigned to a specific person.

Users can also receive within an already created location or can create a new location while receiving an asset. For example, in the Construction industry, assets can be received directly to a job site instead of going to the warehouse first. 

The Asset Tracking Receive Feature will enhance the workflow of any company.

If the system is set to ‘Full Validation’ for Purchase Orders, the list of assets will be auto-populated when the user chooses to select an existing Purchase Order or can create a new PO from the web app.

Additionally, when receiving assets, users can print a hard copy of the transaction receipt. The user can use it for documentation, archiving, or handing it to the person who is receiving the asset.

We at ASAP Systems, using the latest innovations and technologies, aim to provide our customers with highly flexible and easy-to-use features to cater to all their tracking requirements and needs. 

Stay tuned to our latest enhancements by having a more in-depth demonstration!