Inventory & Asset Tracking for Chemical Supplies

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Modern Exterminating Company (MEC)

Modern Exterminating Co., Inc. is the longest-standing family-owned local independent pest control company in Columbia, SC. They service a 50-mile radius from downtown Columbia and have over 11,000 customers in the greater Columbia area. They serve structures such as; Educational institutions, food plants, healthcare, hotels & lodging, property management, restaurant, retail, small business, warehouse & storage.


The Modern Exterminating Company has to keep track of over 100 Stock and Asset line items including pesticides, equipment, materials, and supplies. They experienced much supply misplacement and loss and needed to implement more asset and inventory accountability, security, and protection. This drove them to seek an inventory management solution. They needed to be able to be in control, keep track of pesticide expiration dates, and check their inventory in real-time; tracking chemical usage without technicians and departments.


Modern Exterminating Company’s main goal when using our system is to be able to track the usage of their Stock and Asset items as they are being sent out to employees to use on jobs, and to make sure they are on top of pesticide expiration dates. MEC uses our system to track and make sure that their pesticides and repair materials are being used for jobs and not misplaced or taken. They also track their pesticides using lot traceability and expiration dates. This will help them keep track of usage and when their pesticides are going to be expiring. Our system also allows MEC to receive low inventory alerts to avoid running out of materials or supplies. MEC also takes advantage of our Scheduled Reporting feature to see the history of everything that has been taken out so they know if something is missing or if it has been taken.

Tangible Benefits

These are a few reasons why MEC loved us over our competitors when looking for a solution to efficiently track their items:

  • Price PointThey compared BarCloud to other solutions and liked its functionality and price point the best.
  • Security / TraceabilityBarCloud simply allowed them to keep better track and accountability of their inventory.
  • User-FriendlyIt only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day for MEC to enter their information into the system and the process is very simple.
  • Time SaverSaving time is a main benefit for MEC. They no longer have to spend as much time counting inventory and our system helps them with ordering.
    Simple Bar-Cloud Solution
  • It took them less than a day to set up the system and the learning curve took about a week. The software is easy to navigate and they quickly adjusted to the new system.


Equipment can be expensive and a lot of companies and businesses are extremely concerned about their equipment being misplaced or stolen. Our system saved MEC lots of money on avoiding the overstock of inventory and any unnecessary items. A MEC employee stated that our system, “saved [them] tens of thousands of dollars on chemical inventory,” and they hope to continue using BarCloud long into the future.