Complete Inventory and Asset Solution for the Sports Industry

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We provided an Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution for a major player in the Sports Industry. PRO needed a centralized and cloud-based system to keep track and manage their important equipment for soccer referees across the United States and Canada.


As a major player in the Professional Sports industry, the Professional Referee Organization (PRO) is responsible for managing the top referees for the men’s and women’s soccer leagues throughout the United States and Canada. Since the referees, sports equipment, and other Inventory and Assets are spread all across North America, they needed a cloud-based software to keep track of it all. Luckily our All-In-One Solution was perfect for PRO to assign clear accountability, assist in budgetary planning, and allow for easy transfer of Inventory and Assets.


PRO tracks over 150 Stock items with various sizes, colors, and styles from multiple vendors and sponsors to meet CBA obligations. The types of Stock items that they need to keep track of are soccer referee game day uniforms, casualwear, training gear, and a host of other miscellaneous items. Additionally, they track over 100 Asset items such as computers, AV equipment, mobile office equipment, sports science wearables, fitness test equipment, general fitness/sport science equipment, and medical equipment. Most importantly, PRO needs to keep track of their employees, who has which Stock and Asset items, where items are located, when items must be refreshed/redistributed and when items are replaced as needed due to wear and tear or loss.


The Professional Referee Organization needed a centralized System that would give them the ability to show the total value of our Stock and Assets, assign clear accountability for these items, and be adaptable to changes in personnel responsible for these items. With our full barcode Inventory and Asset tracking Solution, PRO can see which Assets were checked in and checked out by which employee and keep track of Stock/Asset possession, maintenance, return and loss. They can also track which items are sent to the vendor for maintenance or repair and moved from staff member to staff member. This depends on where or how the items are utilized, such as conducting fitness tests, and which items are being moved around various locations around the US and Canada.


Our System allows for multiple members of PRO’s employees to track their own items individually. They chose ASAP Systems Barcloud because it gave them the ability to pull all of their Asset and Stock items together centrally. BarCloud ensures that every employee has the Asset or Stock items that they need, and allows them to effortlessly track barcoded items that are spread across many locations in the U.S. and Canada for easy replacement and distribution. PRO stated that BarCloud is, “a very clear, two-way System, to confirm where items are and who has them”.

The features they use the most for their Asset items are the checked in/checked out feature, the location feature, moving items between staff, and the barcode label and picture upload feature. They also frequently use the vendor, warranty cost, serial number, and model number items during the input. With their Stock items, they utilize the item list feature to separately track sizes, colors, and styles to ensure that they have sufficient quantities of each item. PRO employees also utilize the Mobile App to upload pictures and scan barcode labels on their storage bins to track which bins contain which items for ease of distribution.


The Professional Referee Organization went to four different companies and ASAP Systems proved to be the best solution. They claimed, ”The moderate price point, training support, and crossover features allowed our company to proceed with BarCloud over its competitors.” (PRO). The Professional Referee Organization needed our cloud-based System to handle their comprehensive customer list, warranty information from multiple vendors, and equipment distributed throughout the country. They chose us because we gave them the ability to pull all of their Assets and Stock items together centrally and our highly configurable System helped PRO maintain their elite status as a large player in the Sports Industry.