Asset Tracking System for Multi-disciplined Service Provider


Our Asset Tracking System is for businesses of all sizes and a large variety of industries including  Distribution, IT, Fire-EMS Departments, Government entities, Education, Military Installations, and many more.

Our best in class Asset Tracking System, assisted Mclean Delmo Bentleys, with its Asset Tracking.

McLean Delmo Bentleys is an Australian consulting organization offering guidance to all types of businesses and individuals. The biggest challenge facing Mclean Delmo Bentleys was the ability to effectively manage more than 60,000 paper records.

After an online search, and taking advantage of our one on one system demonstrations, it was our user-friendly and flexible Barcode-Based Asset Tracking System that proved to be the perfect solution for the consulting firm.

Our Asset Tracking System assisted the firm in meeting records retention regulations and privacy laws about a record’s lifecycle management.

In addition, our Asset Tracking System provided Mclean Delmo Bentleys with a wide range of intuitive Asset Tracking features:

  • Check-Out, Check-In Feature, enabled the company to stay informed about important data while assets were on the move
  • Move Transaction provided the ability to move asset items from one location and/or person to another
  • Signature Capture empowered the company to authenticate asset-transactions from designated personnel while performing the transaction
  • Reporting, enabled them to configure, run, and schedule asset-related reports with information that matter the most

We aim to equip our customers with the latest innovations and technologies while maintaining ease-of-use and flexibility.

Streamline your business using our barcode-based Asset Tracking System like Mclean Delmo Bentleys!

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