Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solutions for a Communication Company

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Headquartered in Oklahoma City, AtLink Services is a wireless internet service provider. Grown to Oklahoma’s largest internet provider and serving more than 15,000 Oklahomans, AtLink is dedicated to providing exceptional wireless internet service to rural communities. Anticipating future growth, AtLink also was awarded several USDA Broadband Initiatives Program grants to provide internet service for the next 25 years to unserved and underserved regions in Oklahoma.


With a growing company, the biggest challenge facing AtLink was the need to enhance processes and procedures to more effectively manage Inventory and Assets. The company wanted a cost-effective way to accurately track equipment used for providing wireless internet. The ability to track unique and industry-specific equipment was crucial.  Bob Hansen, an AtLink representative explains, “Equipment in our industry uses what is called a MAC Address to identify each piece of equipment. Besides a MAC Address, we must capture a Serial # and include both in our assets.”


After a trial period, it was clear that implementing ASAP Systems’ Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution was the simple solution for all AtLink’s asset tracking and inventoryt needs. Hansen explains, “The more we used it the more that we liked it.  It was very flexible and simple with the ability to configure the software to our business.” Without an Inventory or Asset management software in place, it was an easy and smooth transition. With a dedicated employee for Inventory and Asset control, Hansen adds, “The learning curve for him was minimal because of the simplicity of the software.”


Our Barcode-Based Asset Tracking and Inventory System has created an effective Inventory and Asset management environment for Atlink Services.  Our highly configurable Inventory System has offered the company the ability to configure data fields to match their required tracking needs. Additionally, the Stock to Asset Feature has been a valuable and beneficial tool as the feature allows them the ability to easily identify serialized stock items and transition them to assets. Overall, our Inventory and Asset Solution has created simple and easy processes that have helped to streamline daily workflow. Hansen explains, “PO’s are created and equipment ordered. The warehouse receives from PO’s. Receive Receipts are reconciled with PO’s and Invoices. Asset Manager moves inventory from Stock to Asset with documentation.


ASAP Systems offered its user-friendly and simple solution to inventory and asset Tracking, enhancing their ability to streamline the daily processes and effectively track inventory and assets.  Our Inventory System and Asset Tracking Solution has surpassed the needs of AtLink Services and continues to be a proven asset. “It’s been refreshing and a wonderful tool to work with, for ultimately what we are doing is collecting data and having the ability to manage and manipulate that data at the end of the day,” explains Hansen.