Non-Inventory Items
Our Inventory System allows users to keep track of “Non-Inventory Items” that don't have physical quantities but can still be recorded
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Track Non-physical Inventory Items

Not only does our Inventory System allow users to track any type of physical inventory, but it also allows users to keep track of what we call “Non-Inventory Items”. These are items that are nonphysical such as fees, services, or anything else that doesn’t have physical quantities, but you would still like to keep track of them in your stockrooms or warehouses.

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Tracking Non-Inventory Items in Our System

Tracking Non-Inventory Items within our system is super simple compared to tracking physical inventory items. Both functions are basically the same, but the difference is that you don’t need to receive non-Inventory items. This way you would only need to issue out Non-Inventory items.

Adding Non-Inventory Items in our System

To add a Non-Inventory Item into our system, follow these simple steps: 


  • Create a “Stock Item” 
  • Set the Item Type as “Non-Inventory” 
  • Give the item a description  

After adding them into the system, users can track the usage or distribution of the non-inventory items overtime via purchase orders, sales orders, and many more.  


inventory system advanced stock non-inventory

Examples of Non-Inventory Items to Track

Track Non-Inventory with Our Mobile App

Even though you do not physically track non-inventory items, you can still keep track of them using our Mobile App. Available for any iOS and Android devices, our Mobile App allows for real-time and easy tracking of any type of inventory. Every transaction performed on the Mobile app directly syncs over to the web application so you can use them interchangeably.

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