ASAP Systems Introduces its Web Asset Cycle Count Feature for its Asset Tracking System

Asset Tracking - Asset Cycle Count

Chicago, IL [10/06/2020]

ASAP Systems, the market leader in Asset Tracking, introduces the Web Asset Cycle Count Feature. In addition to performing a Cycle Count of assets from the Mobile app, this enhancement offers users the flexibility to also conduct an Asset Cycle Count from the Web application.

To add to a host of already intuitive options, System Administrators can enable an option to Auto Move assets identified in the system to be located somewhere else to the current location where the cycle count is performed.

For even more flexibility, there are 2 methods available for Administrators to choose how to add a new Asset item.  Users can either add by the Asset ID/Location, or with more details in the asset file form.

A Blind Cycle Count or a Dynamic Cycle Count are the 2 options for Administrators to choose from to perform a Cycle Count.  Both options offer a different user experience (UX) when performing the Asset Cycle Count. 

Let’s explore these options and the different user experiences they each provide. 

With the Dynamic Asset Cycle Count, users will need to choose a location, the grid will automatically display a list of the all Asset Items that should be found in the specified location.

Once items in that location are scanned, the User Experience will display one of the three statuses for the asset, Found, Unidentified, or To Be Found.

-“Found Items” are assets that are exactly where they are supposed to be.

– “Unidentified items” inform users that asset items are in the wrong location. Here, the auto move feature can be applied if enabled. 

“To be Found” is an indication that those asset items are missing. 

The Blind Asset Cycle Count  requires users to choose the location they would like to check, and scan/add all the Asset Items found in that location, one by one asset items are shown in a grid which will display the Asset ID and location. However, if the location is not the same as the chosen location, this means the Asset is in the wrong location. 

Here the Auto Move Feature comes in handy, enabling users the option to automatically move asset items found in different locations to the new found location. 

Additionally, the Asset Cycle Count allows designated users the ability to generate 3 system reports. The “Asset Cycle Count Report”, which will include the status of all assets, the “Asset Cycle Count Missing Report”, and the “Asset Moved Report” which will show the asset items moved, utilizing the Auto Move option.

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