Inventory System For a Non Profit Organization

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GROW Central Florida works to promote environments that support increased opportunities for physical activity and healthy living for Central Florida school children. GROW, GrassRoots Outreach Within is a nonprofit organization that aims to help develop the healthiest children by supporting grassroots wellness initiatives. Their focus areas include supporting cross country running programs, playground revitalizations, recess toys for schools, sporting equipment that includes shoes for runners in need, and family engagement events.


After receiving a generous donation of shoes, exceeding expectations, the small nonprofit was challenged with how to manage and track such a high volume of inventory at an offsite location. Additionally, with a less than tech-savvy and volunteer workforce, it was essential to have a user-friendly process that could be followed by anyone.

It was ASAP Systems and our Cloud and Barcode-Based Inventory System to the rescue! ASAP Systems chose to partner with the nonprofit in an effort to help advance their efforts to help children in need. Colleen Gonzalez, Founder explains, “This was important as our nonprofit is very small and has a high volume of in-kind donations that go directly to children and teachers in low resource communities.”

Through the partnership, our Inventory System has improved the efficiency and enhanced productivity within GROW, and allowed the organization and its volunteers to focus on helping communities and children in need. Using intuitive features, volunteers are able to easily receive shoe donations, issue shoes to families in need, maintain inventory visibility, and keep accurate inventory details. GROW Founder explains, “The Inventory System has helped us track what we have available for students in need and also audit who has received what for data reporting purposes.” Gonzalez adds, “The Inventory System helps us manage what products have come in, by what donor source, and helps us track what has gone out by noting the school or partner nonprofit.”

Our Inventory System was the perfect solution to GROW Central Florida. ASAP Systems is pleased to have been able to support and provide an easy to use the system for their inventory management needs and help enhance the lives of children. “Your System helps us distribute these new beautiful shoes that are appropriate for school and physical education. There is no way we could do what we do without ASAP Systems Inventory System.”